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What Can a Virtual CIO Do for Your Company?
Many small businesses today operate with a bare-bones IT staff—or even none at all. When internal or outsourced IT personnel ARE on-site, they are typically not engaged in Chief Information Office (CIO) -level activities. Instead, they spend their
Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Managed Virus Protection
If you’re a small business, and you think using free or downloadable anti-virus software such as McAfee or Norton is a great way to save some money, think again. Far too often, companies who fail to employ managed virus protection end up losing
What Kind of Data Security Solution Does Your Company Need?
Every company’s digital assets need to be protected from malware, ransomware, spam, viruses, and more. Because threats to a small business’ network are so rampant, why not simply add as many layers of protection as possible? That way, you know