Why I own an iPhone
Most Secure Cell Phone - Tomato, Tomahto… “You say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomahto’”.  This famous line was first uttered in the 1936 Mark Sandrich movie Shall We Dance staring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in their duet “Let’s Call... read more
Operating System Update | Should I update to Windows 10?
Operating System Update - One if by Land! If Paul Revere was riding his horse today, we may hear him shouting, “Windows 10 is coming, Windows 10 is coming!!”  I would guess that he would choose a ride that’s more powerful than his 1... read more
Updated RITC Travel Policy
To our valued clients, It has been our pleasure to serve as your technology partner and we continuously strive to improve ourselves so that we can increase our value to your organization. One area that we are making sizable improvements is... read more
Preventive Measures of Cyber Crime | Curiosity killed the cat, and stole your money…
Preventive Measures of Cyber Crime Part 2 of Protect Your Digital Identity How many of us have viewed the myriad of Facebook videos displaying cute kittens performing adorable feats of fluff-filled entertainment? At the heart of these silly cat... read more