Our IT Business Solutions

Real IT Care specializes in the design, installation, and support of computer networks.  We are proactive in our support, aiming to maintain the operational health of your network in order to prevent costly downtime whenever possible. When a server, switch, or firewall goes offline, it cripples employee productivity, resulting in lost income for you and poor customer service for your customers, further impacting your financial health. Real IT Care’s prevention-based IT business solutions provide constant monitoring and maintenance of your network. The service enables us to be immediately alerted to problems when they occur so we can address them quickly and efficiently.

In addition to our IT business solutions, we offer enterprise-level services to protect against viruses and e-mail SPAM. Additionally, we offer backup solutions tailored to your needs, which scale to include replicated cloud storage with disaster recovery protection.

Beyond our packaged services, Real IT Care can design unique, best-fit network solutions that are ideally suited to your needs and budget. Our networking services ensure that your organization’s applications and data are properly installed, secured, and available. With a highly skilled technical services team, each of whom is Microsoft Certified, you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to tackle your most sophisticated IT projects. While we will NEVER misrepresent our abilities to make a sale, we are always interested in taking on new challenges and finding new ways to solve the most challenging problems.

Whether you have 5 computers or 5,000, our IT business solutions can meet your technology needs, helping you to achieve your business goals.  If you are considering an IT project, give Real IT Care a call to set up a free consultation.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you grow your business.